Connects local talent with gigs in the region

Insta talent empowers talented individuals & artists to find fulfilling

opportunities. It also supports gig & event planners

in reaching talents on a user friendly, trust worthy and reviews based app.


Connect with talents in your city

01. Search for talents

Search for hundreds of talents on our platform. Our various talent database include but not limited to musicians, dancers, djs, entertainers, painters, voices overs, photographer & more.

02. Post Gigs

Post Gigs with all your event details such as date, location & brief. Assign certain talents with budgets. Check applicants profiles, their reviews & contact them directly.

03. Contact

You will be able to chat with any talent globally after you check their ratings and reviews on their profile page. All talents are reviewed and rated according to their previous jobs.


Apply to gigs in your city

01. Create profile

Create your free profile in a matter of seconds, fill in all your data, bio & gallery. If you have more than 1 talent, you can select upto 4 talents.

02. Search for gigs

Search for gigs that fits your talent and navigate through gigs across various locations. Apply for gigs free of charge and get paid for your talent.

03. Contact

You will be able to chat with any talent globally like yourself. Get inspiration & chat. Gig posters will be able to chat with you for certain events.


Own your talent & enjoy the spotlight!

Own your talent & work for yourself. Insta talent is the platform that will help you to use your talent and get paid!

Create an event to remember in 1 minute

Create your event free of charge in a matter of seconds. You don’t need to keep browsing the web nor you need to pay extra fees for agents.