Don’t worry. It is not the LinkedIn profile you need to think about. It is about your Insta Talent profile. You updated your profile picture, added your details, updated your bio, and also added some really amazing videos and the pictures of skills you have. But you are still not getting the gigs you are applying for. Why?
If it is happening to you, it is completely normal when your profile is just like everyone else’s. Suppose, 50 other people have also applied for the same gig you have applied for and all of them look just like yours. Why do you think someone is going to choose you?
This is the time to change the way your profile looks and make it stand out with these tips.
The Right Picture
You can’t just upload the same profile picture you have on Facebook, Instagram, or even Tinder. Here you are a professional and a very talented person. A picture says a thousand words. So, make sure that your picture looks good. You can get a photoshoot done if you are a model, singer, or a dancer or any other artist. Your picture may help local people recognize you and offer you some gigs.
It is the talent that is being promoted on the Insta Talent. This is where you need to showcase most of your skills. It is not important that you list down at least 2 or 3 skills. Even if you have one skill, make sure that you have updated every data about it in your bio. Any awards or competitions that you have won must also be mentioned.
Create A Network And Spread Your work
It is very important to inform people around you and your contacts and acquaintances about what you are up to. Your network must be updated about your profile and the kind of work that you do. Facebook stories, Whatsapp status, Instagram, Twitter, etc are several platforms to share about your profile and talent. These are the people who may offer you the first gig of your life. Create a network of like-minded people to get inspiration and stand out. So stay connected with your community, take their feedback, and spread a word about your work with their help.
It is imperative to create a profile that looks different from the ones that are usually not even given a second look. With these tips, you can make a profile that requires a second patient look from the interested people.