The biggest question that any corporate event planner faces is how to keep your audience engaged. It usually happens at the corporate events that people have to listen to great knowledge most of the time while sitting idly in their seats. It’s just when they are tempted to check their emails or messages and even scroll down social media while they are getting bored.
It’s not like corporate events need to be boring. You can make them fun by introducing some fun activities, volunteering, or games, etc. to keep your people engaged.
Sounds easy? It’s not.
Tips To Keep People Engaged
A Bit Of Gamification
Yes. Even adults like games. You can introduce some quizzes and puzzles games in between breaks. The best way to get this done is to recruit a talented artist Dubai who can help you accomplish your goal. All you need to do is download the Insta Talent app and post an event. It only takes a minute. You can find some really talented people there without going too harsh on your wallet.
Add Some More Fun
It is not usual but if your corporate event has any after-event plans, nothing can be better than a DJ to pump up some energy after the event. Do remember to include it in your schedule to lure in participants to sit and listen till the last. You can get wonderful DJs at competitive prices from Insta Talent. If not DJ, a bit of music in between the sessions can pump up great energy into attendees. Post gigs in Dubai and get amazing local singers or DJs.
Introduce Some New Faces
If your company belongs to the cosmetic industry or modeling industry, you can introduce some new faces in the event to grab some attention from the attendees. You can launch new faces for your future ad campaigns in the event. You don’t need to hire expensive established faces for your marketing. It’s the content of the ad that matters.
Social Media
Social media is the best way to engage people both before and after an event. So make sure that you flood the twitter and Instagram with your event’s details every now and then.
It is not very hard to engage people but only requires a bit of thinking. With some simple ideas, you can make your corporate event a successful one where no one sneak-peeks into their phones or try to doze off.