There are only a few apps that are designed for talented people. Those which are designed do not serve the purpose as they provide a platform for them to present their talent but if there are no viewers to applaud, there is no fun. But there is an app that is taking over Saudi with its simplicity and the love it is receiving from the local public.
The app is Insta Talent. As its name suggests, the app showcases some great talents Riyadh and talents Cairo. The app has become a favorite of both talented artists Dubai, singer Cairo, photographer Dubai, makeup artists Cairo, model Cairo, comedians Dubai, comedians, Cairo, magician Dubai, magician Cairo, makeup artists Dubai, DJs Dubai, DJs Cairo, etc as well as the local citizens who want to avail the services of these talented people.
The Simplicity Of The App
The main attraction of the app is its simplicity. You don’t need to wander about on any website to find the right photographer for a family event or you don’t need to roam around the internet to find some gigs. If you are searching for talents, you can find hundreds of people with different talents. You can simply post an event with the details of the talent you want and the budget along with the date, location, and a brief. Simple, isn’t it? You don’t have to roam around a website or scroll down a list of people to choose from. Just post your event and you are done. It takes just a minute and also saves you from agent fees.
A Better Platform
It is not like other platforms where you post your talent and does not get anything in return. On Insta talent, you get the opportunity to get in touch with people who want to use your talent and help you get recognition. All you need to do is install the app and create a profile with little details. You can showcase up to four talents on your profile. Just pick a gig you think suits you, contact the concerned person, and earn money for your talent.
Install Now!
If you have a talent or you are an event planner who is in constant need of any of such talents, or any other person who simply wants to use any of these talents, Insta Talent App is for you. The App is taking over Saudi and wants a bit of space on your phone. So Install Now.